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Life is too short to drink bad wine

Wine and Hospitality Marketing

Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.

Here at RedWire Media we know brand building is not just about what a company tells its consumers. It’s what consumers tell each other.

True effective marketing is about encouraging your consumers to be just as enthusiastic about your products as you are.

Brand Promotion

Successfully promoting a brand requires content, strategy and continuity. Using a multi-faceted cross-marketing approach, the various components complimenting each other for efficiency and effectiveness.

From creative advertising content to point-of-sale promotions, to online strategy, to direct marketing to wine clubs etc and attending trade shows. Whatever the budget, a single clear message gives strength and clarity to any brand.

Your Story

The most valuable part of your product is the story behind it. We all connect better and remember longer a good story as well as a good product.

Its values should be at the core of your brand. Be the hero of your own story.

Waiting for you…

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